The Well

The Well is a health shop with heart. Here we strive to provide you with mouth-watering food stacked with wholesomeness. We have carefully researched and sourced every single product on our shelves and know that we are supplying our clients with the very best. From our popular juices right down to the skin care range, we keep it natural and pure.

Mushrooms webHEALTH SHOP

The Well is stocked with some of the finest health products in South Africa. With our holistic outlook towards health, proper nutrition is of utmost importance. Consequently, we have sourced gluten free products, grains and seeds that doesn’t just taste great, but is wholesome. Our shop also stocks a variety of baby care products and a natural skin care range.

the well waterWATER

At d’Olyfboom Family Estate we are fortunate to have two natural springs that yield top-grade water. Our bodies consist of 70% water and we need it for almost every process that takes place on a cellular level. Tap water can be contaminated with fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful substances. We use an ultra-filtration and UV system to ensure pure and uncontaminated drinking water. This is available to the public at a minimal cost per litre.



the well juiceJUICE

Our fresh juices are hydraulically pressed with a Norwalk Juicer. The Norwalk is unparalleled when it comes to the quantity and quality of juice and is highly recommended for patients with cancer or chronic disease who make juicing a part of their healing journey. Compared to standard centrifugal juicers it extracts up to five times the vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the fruit and does not generate heat or oxygen that damages juice integrity. Our juices appeal to anybody who wishes to enjoy a burst of nutritious freshness, wants to do a juice fast or plans to detox.

the well coffeeCOFFEE

We have launched our very own signature blend of 100% Arabica coffee, made from the finest beans sourced from plantations in South America and roasted in Robertson. Our coffee has a creamy mouth feel with a chocolate nut aroma and a crisp citrus finish. Enjoy the rich taste of d’Olyfboom coffee at The Well or grab a take-away cup on your way to work.